Name WEBCAST w/LIVE CLOSE: Watches-Jewelry-Firearms-Coins
Auctioneer Jones and Horan Auction Team
Type Live Webcast Auction
Date(s) 9/2/2022 - 9/25/2022
Online pre-bidding opens on Friday, September 2nd! Actual auction event takes place on Sunday, September 25th beginning at 11 am EST. Live online bidding is also available at that time, as well as pre-arranged telephone bids. (Telephone bids must be arranged no later than Thursday, September 22, 2022 and are on a first come, first served basis.)
Preview Date/Time Please contact us if you need more information. In person preview by appointment at our offices from now through September 23rd. Preview NOT available on auction day on Sunday, September 25th. Please contact us for an appointment to preview lots at (603) 623-5314, or you may email at
Checkout Date/Time We will email you an invoice later in the evening on Sunday, September 25th if you are successful. (Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an invoice in your inbox by Monday morning following the auction.) Payment is expected within 10 days of auction.
Location 453 Mast Road (no bidders may attend in person)
Goffstown, NH 03101
Buyer Premium NO Buyer's Premium and NO Reserves
No Reserves! No Buyer's Premium! No Bidding Fees! All descriptions are guaranteed with a 10-day return privilege for misrepresentation or errors. A shipping fee will be added to all invoices. Our home page is found at PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive an invoice by email by Monday morning following the auction, please check your spam or junk folder. Thank you!
Auction Terms & Conditions PLEASE NOTE: There is a cap of $10,000 on each bid. If you wish to place a bid over $10,000 on an item, please contact us more than 24 hours in advance of the auction's end time at (If you have permanently been approved without limation by us in the past, the $10,000 per bid cap does not apply to you. If you are unsure whether you have been permanently approved to bid without limitation, please feel free to email or call us at (603) 623-5314.) NEW BIDDERS should expect shipping delays until they are fully vetted with us. ONLINE PRE-BIDDING (FREE SERVICE!): You will be able to place your top bids in the system at any time before the lot is sold on auction day. The system will bid on your behalf as competively as possible, and will only go up to your top bid if necessary to outbid other bidders. LIVE ONLINE BIDDING (FREE SERVICE!): Be at your computer or device at auction time, register for the auction, and then click on the flashing blue BID LIVE button. Click on the blue ENTER RING button, and you're in! (Please note you will not be able to ask questions or ask that the auction be paused for you; you will only be able to see the progression of bids on each lot as it comes up, and you will be able to place bids if desired. The auction is fast-paced, at about 100 lots per hour, so you will need to have done your research ahead of time! A live feed will be available to watch but there will be about a 2-5 second lag.) AFTER AUCTION INVOICING: Invoices will go out on Sunday evening. IF YOU DO NOT receive an invoice by email on Monday following the auction, please check your spam or junk folder. Thank you! * There is NO Buyer's Premium and NO Reserves. * Payment by cash (in person), check, wire transfer, Wise (formerly TransferWise), Zelle, CurrencyPay or PayPal. (No credit cards can be processed directly by us; credit card payments may be made through Paypal or CurrencyPay.) PLEASE NOTE: A 3% processing fee is added to invoices for payments made through PayPal or CurrencyPay. Please disregard that fee if paying by any other method, including cash, check, wire transfer, Wise, or Zelle. * A shipping charge will be added to every invoice, domestic and international. If desired, you may contact us for a quote for International shipping charges. NOTE THAT LARGER CLOCKS, SIGNS, ETC. are not shipped in house and are the responsibility of the buyer. A note is found in the description on all items with no in-house shipping. * We reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures. ALL DESCRIPTIONS GUARANTEED, 10-DAY RETURN PRIVILEGE FOR MISREPRESENTATION OR ERRORS. If you have any issues with an item or shipment, please contact us immediately and we will resolve the problem. Key to abbreviations: "APW" = American pocket watch | "cal" = caliber | "ct" = carat weight | "ctw" = total carat weight for multiple stones | "DS" = double sunk (for dials) | "dwt" = pennyweight (20 per ounce troy) | "EPW" = European pocket watch | "g" = gram (31.1 per troy ounce) | "GJS" = gold jewel setting(s) | "HC" = hunting case | "hl" = hairline | "hls" = hairlines | "HS" = hairspring | "J" = jewel(s) | "K" = karat of gold quality | "KW" = key-wind | "KWKS" = key-wind key-set | "LS" = lever set | "mm" = millimeter | "mvt" = movement | "NOS" = new old stock | "NR" = not running | "OF" = open face | "PW" = pocket watch | "QS" = quick set | "ref" = reference | "RR" = railroad | "S" = size | "s#" = serial number | "SS" = single-sunk (for dials) | "SW-LS" = stem-wind lever-set | "SW-SS" = stem-wind stem-set | "WW" = wristwatch "Running" only means that the balance and escapement are performing in healthy fashion and without apparent defect, but does not guarantee timekeeping or warrantee future performance; unless otherwise noted, our timepieces are not serviced by us, and we do not know when they were last serviced from our sources. We do our best to indicate any potential problems or needs for repair. The Jones & Horan plain English grading system follows this general order from top to bottom for mvts, component parts, metal dials, hands and cases: Mint | Near Mint | Excellent | Fine (the average grade for most used, running watches) | Fair | Poor. We no longer use "good" as a grade as it can be misleading, so it only applies to function (see below). We then describe any salient defects that should be called to the attention of the potential buyer. With respect to wear, we also use the following terms in order: No wear | Hardly any wear | Very little wear | Little wear | Very light wear | Light wear | Medium wear | Ample wear | Substantial or abundant wear | Worn out. These general terms are used in combination with precise descriptions of defects for further elaboration where needed. Enamel dials are not necessarily graded, but called "flawless" when free of cracks, chips or hairlines, which are structural and always noted. Surface defects such as scratches, discoloration or graphical defects may be present on a perfect dial, and are noted separately. The term, "Good," is only used alone to indicate that the watch or its function is doing what it should be doing, as in "good running order, good repeat function and tone, good chronograph and date functions," etc. These functions are not rated or graded. "Good crystal" means without meaningful defect, as does "Good dial." --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 199.00 10.00 USD
199.01 - 499.00 25.00 USD
499.01 - 999.00 50.00 USD
999.01 - 1,999.00 100.00 USD
1,999.01 - 9,999.00 200.00 USD
9,999.01 - 19,999.00 500.00 USD
19,999.01 - 49,999.00 1,000.00 USD
49,999.01 - 9,999,999.99 5,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium NO Buyer's Premium and NO Reserves
Payment Terms
PLEASE NOTE: A 3% PROCESSING FEE is ADDED TO INVOICES FOR PAYMENTS MADE THROUGH PAYPAL OR CURRENCYPAY. Please disregard that fee if paying by any other method, including cash, check, wire transfer, Wise, or Zelle. PAYMENT METHODS: Cash (in person), Check, Bank Wire Transfer, Zelle, Wise (formerly TransferWise), CurrencyPay, or PayPal. (We are not set up to accept credit card payments directly; however, credit cards payments may be made through CurrencyPay or PayPal.) Payment is expected within 10 days of auction. ATTENTION NEW CUSTOMERS: Please expect delayed shipping until you are fully vetted with us. Bank Wire Transfer information: Send an email request for our bank wire transfer information to CHECKS MADE OUT TO: Jones & Horan WISE: SEND TO (please note the "s" in "auctions") CURRENCYPAY: Follow the link in the email containing your invoice. A 3% processing fee applies to payment by CurrencyPay. PAYPAL: SEND TO (Please note the "s" in "auctions".) A 3% processing fee applies to payment by PayPal. We will e-mail you an invoice no later than the morning following the sale, if you are a winning bidder. (Please note that these invoice e-mails sometimes end up in "spam" or "junk" mail folders, so please check there if you have not received one.) We are not set up to accept credit cards directly, despite the fact that the "Payment Methods" tab would seem to indicate so. That is a page that is "an overall Hibid account setting" and cannot be removed, according to the programmers. Hibid is the company that hosts our auctions on their website. If you add credit card information to place it "on file" with HiBid, that information does not transfer to our software after the auction.
A SHIPPING CHARGE WILL BE ADDED TO ALL INVOICES, whether domestic or international. Please note that the auction contains a few lots that we will not ship, and shipping these lots only will be the responsibility of the buyer. These include some larger, delicate, and/or heavy items. Each lot contains clear shipping notes in the description where needed. NEW BIDDERS should expect shipping delays until they are fully vetted with us. By bidding in our auctions, you are agreeing to our terms and policies, including our shipping policies, as outlined here. We are responsible for shipments while with agents for hire as long as the package is shipped according to our policy as outlined in the next two paragraphs. If a bidder requests in writing different shipping arrangements that do not follow our policy (often in attempt by the bidder to save on the cost of shipping), Jones & Horan is not responsible for the purchase once it is scanned into the possession of the carrier and the Jones & Horan return policy no longer applies and is void. (See below “If you request shipping different than our policy.”) Packages valued over $500: We ship all packages valued over $500 via FedEx Express 2nd Day, signature required, fully insured. (Depending on the country, some FedEx packages are sent via FedEx “Economy” since the price difference is large, and the difference in day of delivery is often only two days.) Packages valued at $500 or less: Packages valued at $500 or less will be shipped USPS Priority, fully insured, signature required. Domestic customers: If you desire faster delivery, please notify us immediately. We will add the shipping surcharge for the expedited shipping to your invoice. Once payment is received (including the shipping upgrade fee), we can arrange FedEx overnight shipping. International Customers: Feel free to contact us for a quote on shipping charges. For shipments valued at $500 or less, we ship via USPS Priority Mail in our own boxes (not flat rate). Where the value is over $500, we ship via FedEx Priority International. IF YOU DO NOT WANT ITEMS SHIPPED VIA FEDEX, PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN MAKING PAYMENT. We have found FedEx to be the most reliable and safe method to ship higher ticket items and get them through customs. We have also found DHL to be reliable, but our cost for DHL is far higher than FedEx costs. If you would like to provide your own DHL label for shipping, we can work with you. We have also found that when shipping via USPS, in order to have tracking available past the United States border, we must ship in our own boxes, not in the cheaper flat rate USPS boxes. We do not change lot values on international shipping documents. ALL SHIPMENTS ARE INSURED.